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Our delicious patties are packed with great nutrients like fibre and they are made with natural ingredients. Be assured that our patties contain zero preservatives, zero colouring and zero flavouring but have more to offer than regular burger patties. We are proud of the versatility of our patties that can be used beyond just being in between two buns as their soft texture makes them more malleable and you can get really creative with how to cook them. Each patty has a diameter of 9.3 cm with a thickness of 1.4 cm and weighs 70 grams.

100% plant-based patty with mushrooms

This patty is made from 100% plant-based ingredients with added mushrooms and spices to give it a unique savoury flavour and texture that other plant-based meat alternatives may lack.

Nutritional facts per 100g
protein 4.9 g
fat 9.1 g
carbohydrate 16.4 g
ash 1.5 g
moisture 68.1 g
energy 167 (701kJ)
dietary fibre 10.3 g

Mixed Plant & Chicken Patty with 70% plant and 30% chicken

Not ready to go full on vegetarian or vegan but still want to reduce your meat intake? No problem! Our Mixed plant & Chicken Patty is just for you. While the main ingredient of this patty is still jackfruit, the chicken mixture makes it nearly impossible to guess that it isn’t 100% poultry. You get to strive for a healthier lifestyle without leaving behind the pleasure in the taste of food.

Nutritional facts per 100g
protein 10.2 g
fat 10.1 g
carbohydrate 14.0 g
ash 1.5 g
moisture 64.2 g
energy 188 (790kJ)
dietary fibre 12.3 g

Mixed Plant & Beef patty with 70% plant and 30% chicken

Maybe you are not a big fan of chicken or 100% plant-based food products are not really your style. Then you must try our amazing Mixed Plant and Beef Patty. You still get to have the filling taste and texture of beef but also cut down on the harms of processed meat. Formulated with our combination of spices, this patty will definitely not disappoint!

Nutritional facts per 100g
protein 8.5 g
fat 6.1 g
carbohydrate 17.2 g
ash 1.5 g
moisture 66.7 g
energy 158 (664kJ)
dietary fibre 10.2 g